What are laws and regulations?
    What are standards, and why do we use them?
    Examples of regulations and standards.
    ‘Minimum’ requirements, ‘good’ practice, and ‘best’ practice.

    Pipeline geometry, mechanical properties, and coatings.
    Pressure in, and stresses on, a pipeline.
    Fluid flow, type, and resistance.
    Design pressure, stress, and factor.

  • What are ethics?
    What does society expect?
    Engineers’ responsibilities.
    Legal requirements.
    Ethics in the oil and gas business.

  • History of pipelines.
    How they are built.
    Line pipe and pipeline components.
    How we build pipelines.
    Standards and specifications
    Operating pipelines.
    Pipeline safety record.

  • How oil and natural gas is formed.
    How do we extract it?
    The oil and gas business.
    The price of oil.
    New sources of oil and gas.
    Environmental impact of oil and gas.

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