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What Does ‘Zero’ Mean?

I was recently in a meeting and we were discussing failures – failures of structures such as pipelines. The chances …

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Career Models

INTRODUCTION Younger staff often approach older staff and ask for career guidance/counselling.  What advice should the more experienced staff give? …

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Phil Hopkins’ Interview with the Canadian Energy Pipelines Association

Phil presented a Key Note speech at last year’s international Pipeline Conference in Calgary, Canada, entitled ‘The 100 year old …

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The Toxic Worker

INTRODUCTION I am a football (‘soccer’) fan in the UK. I support two clubs: Huddersfield Town (the town of my …

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Difficult Staff… and How to Deal with them

Background   I was recently in a client’s office, and he mentioned a problem he has in his workplace. He …

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Theft from pipelines: startling increases being recorded

We know that theft of products from pipelines is becoming an international problem. How big a problem is it, and …

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About PHL

PHL is an engineering consultancy company, based in the UK. We offer consultancy in pipeline engineering, and present training courses and education programmes in pipeline engineering and management. We specialise in pipeline integrity consultancy (including defect assessment, risk management, and failure analysis), and in pipeline engineering training (onshore pipeline engineering, and pipeline integrity engineering). We also offer a wide range of coaching and mentoring services to staff on all levels.

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