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 Wide range of courses in engineering, learning and ethics

Over 30 years of experience


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"Great Course! Teacher Phil Hopkins very patient and knowledgeable-explained difficult concepts very well."

"I appreciated the instructor's ability to answer technical, metallurgical's critical that the person teaching the course is able to do this, to expand on the concepts discussed beyond the information presented in the slides. Phil did a great job of this."

"Surpassed my best expectations"


"I thoroughly enjoyed the content and the presentation. Hats off to Prof. Hopkins"

A. Ellison

Pipeline Integrity Coordinator

"Excellent class, good blend of teaching and student participation"

M. Odigie

Elf Petroleum Nigeria Limited




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About PHL

PHL is an engineering consultancy company, based in the UK. We offer consultancy in pipeline engineering, and present training courses and education programmes in pipeline engineering and management. We specialise in pipeline integrity consultancy (including defect assessment, risk management, and failure analysis), and in pipeline engineering training (onshore pipeline engineering, and pipeline integrity engineering). We also offer a wide range of coaching and mentoring services to staff on all levels.

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